Benefits of walking in the shape of 8

Benefits Of 8 walking
Benefits Of 8 Walking

When you practice walking along the south to north direction, your body tends to walk against the magnetic field of earth. This energizes the body and will
stimulate the chakras along with each and every body organ.
Because of 8 shaped style of walking, each and every body part including ankles, knees, abdomen, hip, neck, shoulders, and head experience a movement.
Compared to usual walking, there is increased movement and physical activity to these body parts.
Further, as you keep walking without any footwear like shoes or slippers, several points on the foot get activated because of getting in connection with
the bare ground, thus stimulating your internal organs. In a very few weeks, you can evevidently observe huge relief out of a lot of chronic diseases you
experience. This is because there are several reflex acupressure points found in the foot. These are directly linked with the internal organs of your body.
Furthermore, by walking in the shape of ‘8’, you will have your full focus on walking rather than listening to songs or chatting with friends or using the
smartphone. Hence, this will assure proper breathing.
By practicing ‘8’ shaped walking regularly, you will experience huge relief out of thyroid, digestion troubles, obesity problems, knee pain, weight gain,
constipation, arthritis, etc. The eight shaped walking can balance your body’s blood pressure and also bring down blood sugar levels. It also helps in
reversing diabetes and other complications associated.Helps relax your mind
You can calm down your mind and get relieved from all kinds of stress. It will keep your body refreshed throughout the day. For elderly people, this is a
convenient and easy way of physical activity as compared to usual walking.

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