Best Yoga Pose For Stress Relief

This pose improves your sitting posture for meditation and help manage stress. This pose can be calming & relaxing.

Easy Yoga pose(sukhasana)

Head-to-toe forward bending(janu sirsasana):
This pose is known for relieving fatigue, depression & fatigue. It involves stretching your hamstring & spine & groin, this mild spinal twist helps in relaxing your mind. It also helps in digestive issues as it stimulates liver & kidney.

Bridge pose(setubandhasana):
It helps you relieving from low-back pain and can also counter-act slouching & kyphosis (abnormal curvature of spine). This pose involves in stretching your abdomen, chest & around shoulder that strengthens your back muscles, thighs & ankles.

Bridge Yoga Pose(setubandhasana)

Child’s pose(balasana):
This pose helps to stretch your back muscles & muscles around your hip. This pose helps your avoid from noise & distractions around us that helps to focus inward calming your mind and body (nervous system).

Child’s pose Yoga(balasana)

Corpse pose (savasana):
It helps to relieve your stress and encourages your emotional well-being. This pose is normally performed at the end your yoga session.

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