Benefits Of Natural Kashmir Honey

Benefits Of Honey

🍯🐝Honey is a sweet product made by bees from a collection of nectar from various plants. For ages man has consumed honey as a food and has also exploited it’s vast medicinal properties. It’s nutritionally dense and it’s sugar is much better than the empty nutrient table sugar.

🍯🐝It is helpful for heart disease because of its antioxidant value. Relieve you from respiratory problems and also from cold and sore throat because of vitamin content in it. Heals wounds, burns and ulcers due to its anti-bacterial property. Provides relief from stomach problems and indigestion. Honey is prebiotic that helps the growth of good gut bacteria. It can kill sweet cravings, help boost energy and aid in losing weight. Vitamins and Minerals found in Kashmir honey boost immunity. It keeps the free radicals away due to its powerful antioxidant components like flavonoids.

🍯🐝Honey contains both minerals and vitamins such as calcium, copper, iron, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin B6, riboflavin etc. It also has fiber.
🍯🐝With these kind of nutrients therefore, honey has been found beneficial for use in the skin and beauty industries. It helps boost the immune function, helps regulate blood pressure etc.
🍯🐝The brain efficiency relies on the supply of adequate oxygen and nutrients. If the micro arteries suffer from arteriosclerosis or hardening and narrowing, the supply of both oxygen and nutrients will be diminished. Hence memory problems may arise. Since honey protects the arteries from this effect, it helps improve the memory function.
How can You Determine if Honey Is Real?
1.Flame Test: Pure honey, when exposed to any kind of heat or flame should remain unburned. To perform this test, try dipping a matchstick/cotton bud in honey and then light it. If it burns, that means the quality of your honey is pure.
2.Water Test: In a glass of water, put a spoon of honey, if your honey is dissolving in water then it’s fake. Pure honey has a thick texture that will settle at the bottom of a cup or a glass.
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