Benefits Of Pineapple

Benefits Of Pineapple

🍍Anti inflammatory, Good for the heart,promote detoxification.

🍍It’s maintain healthy teeth and strengthen bones.

🍍Pineapple is used to improve immune system booster, Rich source of vitamin A and beta carotene.

🍍Hot pineapple water can kill cancer cells. Hot pineapple releases anti-cancer substances, which are the latest advances in effective cancer treatment.

🍍Pineapple juice help dissolve mucus in the lungs. pineapple juice is a great cough suppressant because it contains an enzyme known as bromelain, which has strong anti-inflammatory benefits.

🍍Pineapple have amino acids and pineapple polyphenols in pineapple juice can regulate high blood pressure, effectively preventing the blockage of inner blood vessels, adjusting blood circulation and reducing blood clots.

🍍Pineapple can improve memory. The enzyme “bromelain” in pineapple can play a key role in promoting brain functions.Bromelain is known to stimulate the blood flow to the brain and make one more alert.Vitamin B1 and manganese naturally found within this fruit.

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